So I Have An Opinion and I am not afraid to use it.

Over the last two or three years I have posted all types of opinions about websites,data companies,platforms,products,tools,old companies,new companies and just about everything else in the commercial real estate data space.

So I thought I would put them into one post and add a few comments with each.

Tenant Leasing information. Time To Let Go?

Holy Grail? Transparency? Market Shift?


Loopnet Co-Star Killer? Targeting Tenants. Pure Brilliance.

If I Built A National Commercial Real Estate Website,It Would Have?

Wrote this two years ago. Where the hell is it? Maybe I need to get to work. A True Data Standard?

Who has the true data standard?

I Am The CEO Of Loopnet.

I wish! I do have a few suggestions.

9 Ways To Market Commercial Real Estate With Data.

Do some deals and make some money.

Site Feature:

Wait! A site with lease comps on it. NO WAY!

18 Ways That The Realtors Property Resource May Change Commercial Real Estate Forever.

Sleeping GIANT in commercial real estate…take my word for it!

Commercial Lease Data. Is It Free?

Video and opinions.

Commercial Real Estate Data Is Open. Now What Happens?

Lots of question and answers.

Loopnet Co-Star And Your Data?

Video that got thousands of hits on my site. Why?

Commercial Real Estate Data Mining: Part 1

My boy Matt and I talk Google and all things data.

Data Tenants And Transparency.

Title says it all.

I Am The CEO Of Co-Star.

The anonymous emails were priceless.

Commercial Real Estate Data Mining: Part 2

Matt and I could go for days.

Commercial CIE’s Are Dead. Here Is Why.

Maybe MLS type systems are already dead. Check the residential side!

I Create A Billion Dollar Commercial MLS: Step1

Customer service and commercial real estate. What?

I Create A Billion Dollar Commercial MLS: Step 2

Tearing someone a new ass?

I Create A Billion Dollar Commercial MLS: Step 3

Fame Money Sex Power.

Co-Star Loopnet Data Opinions Tenants Transparency Lease Comps Fame Money Sex Power.

All that and the kitchen sink. The commercial real estate data space continues to evolve. Could there be a more exciting time to be in commercial real estate? I don’t think so and I sure as hell will not hold back on the opinions. Your Thoughts?